4 ways of interesting – Bonus: you can run for Judge and have a mugshot – Who Knew!

As we move on down the path of stupidity I find myself evaluating the race for Little Rock District Court Judge. To be fair the race is voted on by all of Pulaski County, however the name is still held over from the municipal court days. There are four candidates for this judgeship, and initially I was going to write specifically about Austin. I still believe she is worthy of my scorn, but in looking at the four candidates I just can’t help myself.
Latonya Laird Austin, and there is a hyphen Honorable in there somewhere as well, has earned her place on my pages for a little incident earlier this month, oh and in 2016, and lest we forget in 2015 and 2013 as well. A few weeks ago Austin was pulled over and cited for speeding and following too closely. She apparently did not bother to renew her driver’s license either and made a point to tell the officer she was running for judge and that she was an attorney. Not that this necessary as her campaign magnets were on the outside of her car. A similar incident occurred in 2016 where she was cited for speeding more than 15 over the speed limit, and another one in 2015. I know what you’re thinking here: “So what? A lot of people speed. Lots of people don’t renew their licenses.” My response is twofold, the first being lots of people are not running for JUDGE. Secondly there is more. Latonya Austin appears to be the only candidate running with experience being an inmate in the Pulaski County Jail. She apparently forgot to file discoveries, or make motions, or perform any serious tasks a competent lawyer would make. Let’s face it someone watching Matlock could have done a better job. She subsequently admitted to resigning to avoid termination for such poor performance the same day a 10,000 fine was levied against the city of Little Rock due to her behavior. These are not the only issues Austin has with the law as she has had leans filed against her for failing to pay her taxes. A certificate of indebtedness was filed against her in September of 2017. Lastly, let us address her contempt of court arrest out of 16th division in 2013. How horrific a job does one have to do as counsel to be held in contempt in circuit court? At least she brings a perspective of jail that no other candidate can boast of…

Let us move onward to Peggy Egan. Egan a long time public defender has by far been the most successful with her signage while floundering in last place at most everything else. She seems content with her 14 (so far) part mini series of videos on her Facebook page. Let’s get real it’s a cry for help/Vlog asking for your vote. I am not sure which is more disturbing, that she has no filter or that she doesn’t believe some of the things she says are crazy sounding. How can you go on and on about fairness and then bash the prosecutor’s office as a whole? Egan needs a lesson in confidence, are we supposed to vote for somebody who “hopes” her initiatives will work. She is championing efforts made in Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago. It’s a good thing there are no crime issues in any of those cities, everything is ok folks nothing to see here! Egan announced in February that she: “align myself with a movement: The Poor People’s Campaign”. Egan will be taking steps to reduce the “war economy” and “ecological devastation”. Just wow, listening to “Everyone is innocent Egan” is akin to listening to nails screech down a chalk board. Egan has continuously talked about her fairness, then taken every opportunity to bash the police and prosecutors. I think she has misinterpreted the meaning of the word FAIR. A real judge should be unbiased, even handed, and determined to seek JUSTICE. Do we all remember that word? It is not about fairness, the world is not fair, it is about Justice.
On our theme of one sided people, it is a natural opening for Melanie Martin to arrive. In comes our career prosecutor to throw her name into the ring. In all fairness most everyone thought Martin would be our next prosecuting attorney, and all appearances indicated this to be true. I guess she got tired of waiting for Jegley to retire or die in office. Although Martin touts her career as a prosecutor, her case load appears to be lacking since about 2008 or so. It is rumored that she is closer to Jegley’s secretary than an actual prosecutor. Regardless, she jumped out and immediately got the endorsements from Little Rock Police Department and Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. However, it seems that she took a few months off the campaign trail over the holidays and into the new year. She now lags next to last in social media reach. Considering that she now makes more posts about earth day, and trying desperately clinging to the LRPD going so far as to re-post their posts is she really campaigning? A thank you letter to the Tri-Deltas for their support? Does she think she has it in the bag because Jegley likes her? Her only experience is as a prosecutor, and we have heard nothing except that she is a prosecutor. She wants everyone is jail? Is that where she is going? It’s a complete 180 from “Everyone is Innocent Egan” that is for sure let’s hear it for Maximum Melanie. Non-partisan race but with an obvious far far right candidate here? What is with the new glam shots?

Lastly, we call upon Janan Arnold Davis our cheerleader from Arkadelphia. Currently she is touting her experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney, but she does come with one glaring issue. She forgot to submit her financial disclosures like every other candidate. This has been rectified, but it is still a case of making your road much harder for no apparent reason. Maybe Janan is the reason for “Maximum Melanie’s” new glam shots? If you don’t understand that quip look up Janan and her daughters thirty second video on her Facebook page. It has over 15,000 views. I get it the girls are pretty enough to be clickbait. (Images, usually of pretty women, that guys click on and end up reading something else) It has obviously helped as Janan has shot past and left “Everyone is Innocent Egan” in the dust, and recently flew past “Maximum Melanie”. I get it, the blonde’s hair is super cute. I will say however that Janan Go Team! Davis is the only candidate to talk about even handed justice and temperament on the bench. Although she has not trumpeted it, her bio does list her as a Chi Omega. Maybe we can have another video with her sorority sisters in it this time. Janan Go Team! Davis has definitely figured out how this social media thing works, lets see if it makes a difference.

Look to your ballots this May and choose wisely my friends.


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