Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Now comes before the court of public opinion Trent Garner a possible dumbass from south Arkansas.  Why pick on Trent? I must blame a different dumbass, Wendall Griffin, for reminding me about Trent. See Trent was the man who called for impeaching Griffen when Griffen pulled his praying/protesting stupidity over the death penalty. Since Griffen has recently pulled this stunt again, I am somewhat patiently waiting for round two of dumbassery (it’s a word now) from good ole Trent. During the first episode he fired off a letter calling for impeachment over statements allegedly made by Griffin, thus forgetting that we have a supreme court in the state of Arkansas. Convicting Griffen and attempting to sentence him in one fell swoop. Make no mistake, most of what Griffen has said will land him on the pages of stupidity of this blog soon, but we do have this pesky little thing called the 1st amendment. Just about anybody can say anything, including this humble blog writing chica. Of course, Ole Trent has a problem with protests and the first amendment anyway, he tried to introduce legislation that would make mass picketing illegal.

He is also responsible in part for the never-ending series of concealed handgun amendments. This includes the take your guns to school screw up as well. His latest attempt to help involves metal detectors and self-locking doors at schools. I guess Trent forgot about pesky little things like kids propping doors open and an easily seen problem with metal detectors. Who works them? Or is it his plan that detectors are an early warning system? When the bell rings you may be about to be shot. Even the far right has an issue with this plan as when seconds count the polices are only minutes away.

Trent should be careful upsetting the right to much, the majority of his election funds came from PACs associated with extreme right concerns. After all he worked for Tom Cotton who should well know that the public will only tolerate so many pictures of you hunting something before they demand you actually do your job, and do it properly. Sadly, Trent Garner is not the master of all things Judicial, and it appears we do not need him to take over the Judiciary. Perhaps he could dedicate some time to reading that pesky constitution that he swore to uphold.

There will be an article on Griffen I assure you.

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