Idiot among us – at least have the balls to man up to your dumb shit

Arkansas Political Watchers- Mark Lowery Republican House District 39

In 2015 Mark Lowery’s name was found on a listing of Ashley Madison clients. The motto of Ashley Madison is “Life is Short, Have an Affair.” I do not care that Mark Lowery was having marital issues. I do not care that Ashley Madison has pornography. I do not care if people cheat on each other. Frankly it is none of my business. The idea that political leaders are paragons of virtue and intelligence is a joke. They are humans, and all of us have something wrong with us no matter how pure you are. I have a problem with his carefully crafted half ass explanation. Lowery actually stated that he thought it was just a dating website and not for cheating spouses. The whole point of the website is to cheat on your spouse. He also claims he never met anyone from the website. This one could be the truth as Ashley Madison was sued for creating thousands of fake profiles to lure in idiots who were trying to cheat on their spouses. I am disgusted not by the fact that he was trying to cheat, but that the people of Arkansas believed such a weak POS excuse. If we did believe him he should have been tossed out for being an idiot for not knowing in the first place. In 2016 he was called out for an ethics complaint for not filing his required financial reports for months at a time, and why not. It appears we believed his terrible excuses and still re-elected him. Why should he bother to even try to follow the rules anymore? Lowery has no primary opponent so we will not have to continuously hear about his constant screw ups for a few more months at least. Then we can all be sick of it by November. A simple Facebook search of his profile shows he likes the show Weeds. Guess what that is about. Did he forget he was running as a Republican? Is he going to tell us he didn’t know weeds was about weed? He will probably write a speech about how he thought the show was for singles, and the recreational pastime of gardening.

Interestingly enough I Googled “Stupid Mark Lowery Arkansas” while writing this. Click on the All and News tabs and you get some interesting reading. Click on images, and the first one that came up was a picture of Mark Lowery pointing at himself. I kid you not.

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