The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

So here is the deal. I am a middle of the road kind of girl. I can usually see both sides to every story. Like most people I can explain away most things. Get over them and move on. I just can’t do it anymore. I have wandered off the path so let me straighten this car out. Politics is the point of this. Not national politics, you can’t sneeze without 27 stories about what federal level politicians are doing that’s stupid. The problem is you usually must read different articles by people supporting different political groups to get an idea of what actually occurred. That’s not to say that federal politicians don’t deserve my scorn, but they are pretty much played out and over exaggerated.

I decided my only recourse was to do what thousands of others have done before me and throw my opinions and writings out to the masses and hope for the best. Arkansas Political Watchers was then born. No matter what ideology, belief system, political leaning, or position we all take, there is almost unilaterally a commonality: “Our elected officials, or those running for office, often do dumb shit.” We will never be able to keep idiots from running for office, but it is a worthwhile expenditure of time and effort to call idiots out for doing idiotic things. Remember sometimes idiots get elected.

We are nonpartisan. I don’t care what your background or beliefs are. I have no intention of taking sides or backing positions. When I find something I feel is stupid, I am going to write about it. Even better I am encouraging you to write about it as well. That’s right folks I don’t just my stupid ramblings here I want yours as well. Take whatever position you please, troll away if it makes you happy, bash a candidate, call out one already in office. In fact, send me all your opinions. I cannot promise I will post everything under our banner, but ill give it a shot. Even if not one single persons submits something to me, I will still be on here complaining and calling out idiots. If you do send me your writings bring em on, if you just want to dish and give dirt send it to me. If you want me to dig on somebody you think is an idiot and just need evidence lead me to water. I am not out to get a politician, I am out to get all politicians. I am sick of make up faces, fake smiles, air brushed lives, and spray on tans waltzing down the path of stupidity, in many cases dragging us down it with them.

More to come, stay tuned……


BTW- I don’t care about my spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Find a typo, and good for you. I am also terrible at art design. If you want to design me a cool logo for free or other things to post I am all for it. I was thinking about a donkey with its head up an elephant’s butt, and the elephants head up the donkey’s butt, but I have no skills.

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